The Survivors By Alex Schulman

The Survivors By Alex Schulman

Years ago, they fled the lake house.

Now, the brothers have returned.

Three brothers return to the family cottage by the lake where, more than two decades earlier, a catastrophe changed the course of their lives. Now, they are here to scatter their mother’s ashes – young men, estranged but bound together by the history that defines them. Their lives have been spent competing for their father’s favour and their mother’s love, in a household more like a minefield than a home. What really happened that summer day when everything was blown to pieces?

My Thoughts:

When three brothers return to the family home where something awful happened years ago and has changed all of their lives forever, I didn’t think it would be plain sailing and it is not. They are only here for one reason and one reason only. They have all changed and when they are back together secrets that have been left to lay are uncovered and what really happened back in the past may come back to haunt them. This book had a good plot line and I liked how each chapter was a different time of the day. I did find it quite a slow moving story that didn’t really grab my attention. It is a haunting and eerie read but I did like the ending, it wrapped everything up nicely.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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