Lumen ( Martin Bora) By Ben Pastor

Lumen ( Martin Bora) By Ben Pastor

Equal parts wartime political intrigue, detective story, psychological thriller and religious mystery, Pastor’s debut follows a German army captain and a Chicago priest as they investigate the death of a nun in Nazi-occupied Poland. In October 1939, Captain Martin Bora discovers an abbess, whose alleged power to see the future has brought her a devoted following, shot dead in her convent garden. Father Malecki has come to Cracow at pope’s bidding, to investigate her powers. Now the Vatican orders him to stay and assist in the inquiry into her killing…

My Thoughts:

This is the first book in the Martin Bora series and in this story we see a nun shot dead but no one heard the gun shot, the door is locked and there is no weapon, so what happened? it is for Captain Martin Bora to discover what happened to the nun but he is not a detective he works as a German Army Captain who works in intelligence. Martin has to work out who shot her and why and how they did it, but with being in a Poland just after the German Invasion it is a very difficult time for everyone, Can he solve the murder? I thought it was a good story and was interesting to learn about that era. I liked reading about what route Martin takes to discover how the nun died. Though for me I felt as though it lacked something and was a little flat in parts.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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