Misty Ricardo’s Curry Compendium By Richard Sayce

Misty Ricardo’s Curry Compendium By Richard Sayce

Inside the new book you’ll find an abundance of mouth-watering, delightfully easy to follow Indian restaurant recipes. These are all backed up with detailed and comprehensive informational chapters: everything you need to learn the art of curry cooking.

Curry Compendium contains all you need to create your own restaurant quality food at home in your kitchen. Start saving a fortune on takeaways!

  • 99 recipes, fully detailed and explained, covering starters, mains, sides, rice, accompaniments, and traditional Indian & streetfood
  • Video Tuition throughout. A QR code is included for most recipes which can be scanned with a smartphone to instantly open up the associated YouTube video
  • A quick and easy base gravy recipe to cook in 30 minutes
  • Scaling Up – a detailed but easy to follow chapter about cooking multiple curry portions at once
  • Inside an Indian Restaurant kitchen – a chapter showing the workings of a busy kitchen
  • Additional recipe photos crediting social media followers

My Thoughts:

I love a cookbook and this one is really good. I have only recently started getting into making my own curries so this book came at a perfect time. It is such a wonderful looking book, I like how at the beginning everything has been planned out for you, like storing ingredients, where to buy all the different ingredients and the essentials you will need. I like how each recipe has a picture so you know what yours should look like. Also in this book there is not only how to make different curries there is also how to make side dishes, rice and breads and other things, which to me makes it even more appealing. I cannot wait to start making some of these wonderful sounding curries, it makes my mouth water just looking at all the delicious pictures. For a novice like me I reckon I could pull of one of these curries no problem. And I really want to make naan bread as I thought they would be hard to make and a bit of a faff but it seems not. This is a perfect present for a Curry Lover.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

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