Secrets to the Grave By Steve Frech

Secrets to the Grave By Steve Frech

When a teenage girl is found dead on a quiet suburban street, Detective Meredith Somerset is haunted by flashbacks to the day her little sister vanished—the day Meredith should have been watching her. But with a murder to solve, she doesn’t have time for painful memories to cloud her judgement.

The victim is shoeless, the only clue to her identity a small silver medallion hidden in her grass-stained sock. Did she run from her killer across the smooth lawns of Willow Lane? And if so, how did no one in the surrounding houses see or hear a thing?

Meredith needs answers, or she’ll never shake the image of her sister’s face begging her for help. But Willow Lane has more than one mystery behind its doors—and to find the killer, Meredith must venture into a community that’s determined to keep its secrets hidden at any cost…

My Thoughts:

This is a brilliant pulse racing thriller that I could not put down, it was brilliant and I cannot wait to read more from this author. From the very first page and from the story line I knew it would be a captivating story. Detective Meredith Somerset is called to a body that has been found on a quiet street, she has her own personal issues that she is dealing with at the same time, can she solve the murder before it is too late? I love working out from what the detective sees what might of happened to the victim. I found it a thought provoking read. There are twists that you will never see coming, the residents that all live on the street are all under suspicion. I like it how some of the chapters are left on a cliff hanger so you feel compelled to read another chapter. The ending was something I never in a million years would of guessed. It was just brilliant.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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