You did what? By Tova Leigh

You did what? By Tova Leigh

A fantastic collection of funny, moving and outrageous confessions from people from all walks of life, chosen and introduced by popular digital creator and bestselling author Tova Leigh.

I was living with a nasty boyfriend who complained I didn’t put enough pepper in his egg sandwich. So I dried out some hamster poop and chopped it into tiny pieces. He said it was delicious. Revenge is sweet!’

Have you ever wondered what other people get up to when they think no one’s looking? Do you have a mortifying secret of your own you’ve never dared share? Whatever scandalous incidents lie hidden in your past, don’t worry: this wonderful collection of funny, sexy, hair-raising and heart-warming confessions will reassure you that you’re by no means alone.

These confessions have all been curated by bestselling author and digital creator Tova Leigh, who explains just why we should stop being ashamed of our secrets, and instead have the courage to make ourselves vulnerable, speak out and connect. In this ultimate page-turner, there are parenting confessions, sex confessions, workplace confessions, revenge confessions … not forgetting the all-important bodily fluids confessions! You need never feel embarrassed by your own slip-ups and misdemeanours again.

”So I was married for nine years and after the divorce, when I was ready to sleep with other men, I signed up on Tinder. After a few dates I was thinking … why do I give it for free, when men will pay for it? So I became an escort! I did it for about five months and I must say I had the best time ever … made a lot of money and met some really nice interesting people.”

My Thoughts:

I could not wait to read this book, it sounded brilliant and it lived up to expectations. It is a collection of funny, moving and brilliant confessions that will have you laughing at one and then crying at another. This book had my emotions all over the place. But it is a nice pick me up read that is quite interesting. I’ve never read a book all about confessions and it was a real eye opener. But you feel as though you are not alone and hopefully this will help people out there to know that. There are always struggles in everyday life and this book confirms that everyone can go through similar things.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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