Christmas Book releases for 2021

Christmas Book releases for 2021

I have compiled a list of Christmas books that are going to be released this year, I have included dates they are out as they might be out before Christmas but you can pre-order them now if you want to. There are some brilliant books here and I cannot wait to read them all. Enjoy.

  1. The Christmas Bookshop By Jenny Colgan – out 28th October 2021

Carmen needs a change of job so when her sister suggests working in a bookshop, Carmen jumps at the chance but when she gets there it is not what she is expecting at all, can she help turn it around before Christmas?

2. Flora’s Travelling Christmas Shop By Rebecca Raisin – out 28th October 2021

When Flora gets fired from her job, she has a chance to follow her dream and make her way to Lapland in her campervan cum Christmas shop, she meets some interesting characters along the way too. Especially one that hates Christmas, can she persuade him that Christmas is such a lovely time of the year?

3. The Christmas Escape By Sarah Morgan – out 21st October 2021

All Christy wants is to escape to Lapland for Christmas with her family and best friend but things are not good at home and she needs time alone away from everyone. Her and husband are facing a marriage crisis and need time to work out what to do. So her best friend takes her daughter to Lapland but can he save the day and make it as magical as it should be? will they all be reunited on Christmas day?

4. The Merry Christmas Project By Cathy Bramley – out 14th October 2021

Merry loves Christmas even without her own family she still loves Christmas, she has started up her own business which is candle making which she loves doing and it is doing really well. Her hometown is having an annual event and she just cannot resist helping, But meets Cole in the process who is struggling as a single dad and trying to do right for his kids, can they help heal each others wounds and have a happy Christmas.

5. Every Day in December By Kitty Wilson – out 2nd September 2021

Belle loves Christmas and everything about, she believes at this time of year magical things will happen, Rory hates Christmas, something in his past has made him hate this time of the month. But what? When back in his home town he has a chance meeting with Belle but can she find a way to make him see the magic of Christmas and will she get her Christmas wish?

6. Christmas Carols and a Cornish Cream Tea By Cressida McClaughlin – out 25th November 2021

Meridth has never liked Christmas but with her new job working in a gift shop in Cornwall she has to pretend to like it especially at Christmas time. Then she meets Finn, can he help show her how fantastic Christmas can really be?

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, some of the books at the time of writing this post are on offer on pre-order so get them whilst you can.

I know it is a little early but some of these books will be out very soon.

Happy Reading everyone

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