Cockerings By Stevyn Colgan

Cockerings By Stevyn Colgan

Berkeley Cockering wants to live the hedonistic life of a millionaire playboy. But his sister, Marcheline, is only interested in preserving the family name and refuses to sell off any of their large jointly-owned estate. He therefore embarks upon a drastic course of action to force her to sell, which will involve the owner of a cash-strapped geriatric circus, an alcoholic clown, an incontinent elephant and a sex toy with a mind of its own.

My Thoughts:

I decided to choose to read this book as the plot sounded different but also very funny. Berkeley is the brother of Marcheline and all he is interested in doing is being a playboy, whereas Marcheline does not want to sell off the family estate. Berkeley wants the money that is all he is interested in so tries to force her hand. There are some right funny characters that we meet along the way. I found the story a little eccentric for my tastes but it was funny and amusing in parts. It is not a book I will forget in a hurry.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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