Books to Read Over the Bank Holiday Weekend

Books to Read Over the Bank Holiday Weekend

I have chosen some of my favourite books that I have enjoyed reading recently. I have chosen a mixture of different genres so that there is something for everyone, hope you enjoy and if you do read one of them, let me know what you thought in the comments. Thank you.

  1. The Wild Girls By Phoebe Morgan
A cracking read about a group of friends that go away to a luxury retreat to Botswana but bad things start happening, are any of them safe?

2. Wolfe Trap( A clay Wolfe/Port Essex Mystery) book one

Clay has left his job as a homicide detective to look after his ill dad and to open up his own private detective agency but when his first case is to do with a drugs lord will he get out of it unscathed? The second book in the series is called Mind Trap and is just as good.

3. An Ordinary Life By Amanda Prowse

Molly is ninety four years old and currently lying in a hospital bed after having a stroke and falling. She reminisces of her life and what life was like in the 1940’s. A tale of an extraordinary woman that I will never forget.

4. Before I saw You By Emily Houghton

Two people in hospital both with injuries that they are struggling to come to terms with, they lay side by side each night but have never met face to face, can they help each other heal?

5. The Extraordinary Hope of Dawn Brightside

Dawn has been running from her past for a very long time, when she gets an offer of a bed in a hostel she jumps at the chance but when she finds out it is closing, she does everything she can to stop it as this place has really helped her, with new friends to help her anything is possible.

Hope you enjoy the books on the list and have a great bank holiday xx

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