The House Beneath the Cliffs By Sharon Gosling

The House Beneath the Cliffs By Sharon Gosling

A remote yet beautiful village. A tiny kitchen lunch club. The perfect place to start again.

Anna moves to Crovie, a tiny fishing village on the Moray Firth, for a fresh start. But when she arrives, she realises her new home is really no more than a shed, and the village itself sits beneath a cliff right on the edge of the sea, in constant danger of storms and landslides. Has she made a terrible mistake?

Yet as she begins to learn about the Scottish coast and its people, something she thought she’d lost reawakens in her. She rediscovers her love of cooking, and turns her kitchen into a pop-up lunch club. But not all the locals are delighted about her arrival, and some are keen to see her plans fail.

Will Anna really be able to put down roots in this remote and wild village? Or will her fragile new beginning start to crumble with the cliffs . . . ?

My Thoughts:

I loved this book, it had everything I wanted and a perfect excuse to snuggle up and escape to Crovie. Anna has moved to Crovie, she is not prepared for what she sees as her new home, has she done the right thing and then someone has decided that they don’t want her here but can she work out who? there are some really lovely people in the community especially her neighbours who go above and beyond for her and help her rediscover her love of cooking. Anna has a brilliant idea of setting up a lunch club. Will Anna be able to make Crovie her home? It was such a wonderful read that kept me captivated and I was really rooting for Anna. Lots of food talk and friendship brings such warmth to this special book.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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