The Cottage By Lisa Stone

The Cottage By Lisa Stone

An isolated cottage…
After losing her job and boyfriend, Jan Hamlin is in desperate need of a fresh start. So she jumps at the chance to rent a secluded cottage on the edge of Coleshaw Woods.
A tap at the window…
Very quickly though, things take a dark turn. At night, Jan hears strange noises, and faint taps at the window. Something, or someone, is out there.
A forest that hides many secrets…
Jan refuses to be scared off. But whoever is outside isn’t going away, and it soon becomes clear that the nightmare is only just beginning…

My Thoughts:

I have previously loved Lisa Stone’s previous books but I didn’t enjoy this one as much. There is two stories running parallel with each other, they appear to be unrelated but are they? Jan rents out a cottage in the woods but very quickly on she realises what a mistake she has made when she hears strange noises in the evening. But what could they be? Ian and Emma Jennings are a young married couple who are trying for a baby, I wondered how it would all make sense and I didn’t know how the story would pan out at all, until the final few chapters. It was a good story but I just felt as though it lacked something. Maybe it was the storyline but it has not put me off Lisa’s books and I look forward to the next book.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

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