Someone I used to know By Paige Toon

Someone I used to know By Paige Toon

So much can change in half a lifetime… 
At fifteen, George is the foster brother Leah never asked for. As the angry, troubled boy struggles to come to terms with his circumstances, Leah finds herself getting drawn closer to him.
Theo’s wealthy family have mysteriously pulled him out of boarding school and he’s now enrolled at the local state school with Leah and George. When their worlds collide that summer, the three teenagers form a bond they believe will be unbreakable. But life doesn’t always go to plan…
Shocking news brings Leah back to Yorkshire, baby daughter in tow. But Emilie’s father Theo isn’t with them, and George has unexpectedly returned. After half a lifetime, have they healed the scars of their pasts? Will coming back home set their hearts in a different direction?

My Thoughts:

Can I just say how beautiful the colour of this cover is, it gets me so excited for the Summer and this will be a perfect beach read. I love the design too so simple yet effective. I am a big fan of Paige Toon’s books and always get excited when I see a new one out, I devoured this book in one sitting, I know greedy right? but I just couldn’t help myself. Paige’s books are just so addictive and I just didn’t want to stop reading this fabulous story. The story goes from then to now and we see Leah’s family back then when her mum and dad were foster carers and how it was to be brought up with other children in the house. Especially when George comes to stay, he has a lot going on in his head and is very withdrawn but can Leah help him open up? When we go to the now we see Leah with her little family, she has to return to her family home as there has been an unexpected loss, but George is there too and can Leah cope with seeing him after what happened when she last saw him. She has a daughter now to protect but it is not just George that needs someone, it’s Leah too. Can they help heal each other’s wounds? I just loved it and now want to re read this charming and beautiful story.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review. Thank you to Anne Cater for organizing such a fantastic blog tour.

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