The Murder of Graham Catton By Katie Lowe

The Murder of Graham Catton By Katie Lowe

It’s time to hear the truth…

Ten years ago, Hannah Catton’s husband was brutally murdered in their home.
The murderer was convicted. The case was closed.

But now a podcast called Conviction is investigating this horrific crime – and they have Hannah in their sights.

Someone knows more than they’re letting on, and listeners are about to become judge, jury and executioner as they undercover the truth about the murder of Graham Catton.

My Thoughts:

When a podcast comes out about Hannah and her family’s past, she is worried, Hannah’s husband was horrifically murdered and the murdered was sent down and that was it, but now this podcast are investigating what really happened that day and Hannah is their main target. But did she really do it? It was a well thought out plot that kept me involved in the story but I did feel as though it was a little slow and the story dragged out a little too long for me. However I did like the twists and some of them I hadn’t expected. I thought the characters were good too, and the story wrapped up nicely in the end.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

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