The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale By Haley McGee

The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale By Haley McGee

Haley McGee is in debt. The solution? A yard sale of the gifts from her ex-boyfriends.

When it came to pricing, she got stuck. Surely the ways we invest in our romantic relationships should be reflected in the price. But how?

Is the mixtape from your first love worth more than the vintage typewriter from a philanderer? Does sitting on a box cutter wedged between seats on bus when going to see the boyfriend you lost your virginity to increase or decrease the value of the necklace he gave you? Do the lies you told the guy who gave you a jewellery box dock its price?

Should you be compensated for the miserable times or do they render an item worthless?

Haley decides to gamble on a larger pay out. She interviews her exes and enlists the help of a mathematician to create a formula – with 87 variables – for the cost of love. As she wrestles her financial literacy and tackles romantic and professional woes, the one that got away reappears with a new proposition.

Female desire, heartbreak and the chance for integrity are held up in this whip-smart, original and daringly candid memoir. As Haley McGee interrogates her romantic triumphs and failures with unflinching detail and hilarity her exquisite proses elevates this all too human conundrum: is love worth it?

My Thoughts:

Haley is in debt big time and needs funds as soon as possible or she is at risk of losing everything. Looking at things around her bedroom to sell she comes across all the things that have been given to her other the past from ex- boyfriends. After a lengthy chat with her friend she decides to go for it and sell the items, but at what cost? She obviously wants her monies worth so decides to set up interviews with her exes, this leads to her reminiscing about each ex. Along the way I really warmed to her and felt for her with being so unlucky in love, there are parts that are very funny too. It is a fresh idea and concept that really worked as a story, it is a nice chunky book to get your teeth into too. I liked all the math’s equations too at the back of the book.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

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