ADELIA By Dan Barron

ADELIA By Dan Barron

With his wife dead, his world crushed by guilt, Jack Landen struggles with his alcohol addiction and the inability to take back the mistakes that ultimately led to his wife’s suicide. Desperate for redemption, a drunken wish sends him back in time five years before they met. Adelia, now at the prime of her career in Rome, is about to marry her fianc√© and move to the United States where she will live many long years in the suffocating chains of her jealous first husband who sabotages her career. Realizing the opportunity to save her fate and the fate of their lives together, Jack must find a way to quickly court his future wife and convince her of their undying love while avoiding the inescapable wrath of Nico, her uncle and head of the Italian mafia.

My Thoughts:

I love it when a book makes you feel as though you are there in the thick of it and this is exactly what this book does. Jack is the male lead in this book which I found refreshing and original, he is struggling with a number of things but wants to change. I enjoyed the twist and how believable the story was, I found the story deals with a number of things including love, death and destruction, which is written into a book that you wont want to put down. I look forward to reading my next book by Dan.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

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