White Eye of the Needle By Chris Campbell

White Eye of the Needle By Chris Campbell

 These 25 poems are united in their aim to challenge comforts and hardships as they cover themes of love, family and hope. 

Observational in tone, the poems explore connections with those around us, old and new, from loved ones to strangers who pass by. They focus on human – and sometimes animal – nature, special moments, relationships over time, and detail the strength and beauty of those ties, when so much can feel out of our hands. 

The book also touches on romance, marriage, the birth of a nephew, passing of a grandad, and recent experiences through lockdown and restrictions, as it seeks to find meaning in places, at a time when we’ve all been forced to slow down and reflect.

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this poem book, the illustrations in it are really lovely, and brings the book to life. These are a collections of different poems that deal with life and love, but also Chris has touched upon life in Lockdown as we are dealing with it at this moment in time. My favourite poems are Mr Cat, as I own a cat and it reminded me of him, also the name of the poem amuses me. Man upstairs, as we have a very noisy neighbour next door, I love how it is a short poem but packs a punch. Hit the slopes as how the poem is set out, is very clever, it is like two ski’s next to each other and St Ives Cafe is lovely too as the illustrations are just so inviting and the words made me crave a scone with jam.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

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