NightHawking By Russ Thomas

NightHawking By Russ Thomas

Sheffield’s beautiful Botanical Gardens – an oasis of peace in a world filled with sorrow, confusion and pain. And then, one morning, a body is found in the Gardens. A young woman, dead from a stab wound, buried in a quiet corner. Police quickly determine that the body’s been there for months. It would have gone undiscovered for years – but someone just sneaked into the Gardens and dug it up.
Who is the victim? Who killed her and hid her body? Who dug her up? And who left a macabre marker on the body?
In his quest to find her murderer, DS Adam Tyler will find himself drawn into the secretive world of nighthawkers: treasure-hunters who operate under cover of darkness, seeking the lost and valuable . . . and willing to kill to keep what they find.

My Thoughts:

This story is the follow up from FireWatching which I have yet to read but definitely want to. It is set around the Botanical Gardens where a NightHawker goes at night time with his metal detector and comes upon something he wasn’t expecting. The investigation is brought up by DS Adam Tyler and DC Mina Rabbani, which takes them to a dangerous place, is anyone safe? I liked all the characters, they were all believable, I really liked Mina as I felt as though she is becoming what she has always wanted to be. It has a good pace through out and the ending will leave you shocked to the core. I couldn’t believe it and neither will you.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

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