When I Was Ten By Fiona Cummins

When I Was Ten By Fiona Cummins

Twenty-one years ago, Dr Richard Carter and his wife Pamela were murdered in what has become the most infamous double murder of the modern age.

Ten-year-old Sara Carter – nicknamed the Angel of Death – spent eight years in a children’s secure unit and is living quietly under an assumed name with a family of her own.

Now, on the anniversary of the trial, a documentary team has tracked down her older sister Shannon Carter, compelling her to break two decades of silence.

Her explosive interview sparks national headlines and journalist Brinley Booth, a childhood friend of the Carter sisters, is tasked with covering the news story.

For the first time, the three women are forced to confront what really happened on that blood-soaked night – with devastating consequences for them all.

My Thoughts:

A story to make your skin crawl, this is the story of the Carter family Dr and Mrs Carter and their two daughters. The story flits from past to the present and we unravel the story that has been made a major headline in all the newspapers. The way the story is set out just makes you want to devour it quickly but I wanted to take my time and piece it all together myself. When the story from the past reveals itself I was shocked and had a few tears in my eyes. It also made me angry at the parents, at the time the girls had a best friend Brinley who is now a journalist and what she tells made my skin crawl. A very creepy read. But one I enjoyed very much.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review. Thank you Netgalley.

Get your copy here:

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