How I have helped people during Lockdown

How I have helped people during Lockdown

So I thought I would do a little blog post on how I have been helping people during UK Lockdown, The libraries and shops were shut but they have since recently reopened but I have been doing giveaways and competitions on my twitter page so people can win books and other book related items. I do giveaways every month, I only post to the UK. If you want to follow me on twitter, be my guest I am @bookbloghannah on there.

Also what Lockdown taught me when your in your house 24/7 is to have a good sort out of everything. I have for the last few weeks been putting out all kinds of stuff outside my house for other people to have. If I am not going to use it why keep it, when it could do someone else a turn. I loved sorting out my bookshelves and letting other people read the books I have loved, especially when I can chat to them about it.

The books have been a great talking point with neighbours and also other people. I love to chat books. I have also been recommending books to people too. I have had people say to me thank you for doing this as they haven’t been able to go to the library and they can’t afford to buy the books so it has been a really big help to some people.

By the way I had lots more books that this that I put out but I forgot to get pictures. I put them out over a space of three weeks and everything has gone apart from a bag of books that I have saved for someone.

I have enjoyed doing this, and I feel as though it has helped people out and also helped myself as I have now got room for lots more books.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.


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