Trick By Sean Hancock

Trick By Sean Hancock

Trick is fifteen and the only black kid growing up in a dead-end country town. He wins approval from his tough gang of friends by spotting an opportunity for a robbery at a local supermarket. He just never thought they’d go through with it. Even though they escape with more money than they’d anticipated, it is a botched job and cataclysmic events unfold. To make matters worse, Kelly Jenkins, the girl Trick has been in love with since he was seven years old, is planning her escape from their small town. If he doesn’t tell her how he feels now, he risks losing her forever.

A gritty fast-paced story full of suspense and intrigue, Trick is about friendship, love and a good kid’s determination to make something of his life, against all the odds

My Thoughts:

This is the story of Trick and his life as a teenager. In his town he is the only black kid and we see how what his life is like. Trick is part of a gang with a few interesting characters, they decide to rob the local grocery store, so that they can get enough money to go to London and see a music gig. They are surprised at how much they actually get. But not everything is well as they have robbed from a drug dealer who wants their blood on his hands, can they get away in time? some parts of this story are amusing but there is also a more serious side to it including the drug parts. Also we see how a teenage romance blooms too. A well written story that I am sure some people will be able to relate to. I warmed to Trick straight away.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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