The Perfect Nanny By Karen Clarke and Amanda Brittany

The Perfect Nanny By Karen Clarke and Amanda Brittany

You trust her with your home, your husband, your baby… but she is about to destroy it all.

Sophy Pemberton is struggling to cope with the pressures of becoming a new mother. Her nine-month-old son never settles in her arms and the unrelenting tiredness from late night feeds is all consuming.

So, when Liv Granger from the mother and baby group offers her services as a nanny, Sophy is overcome with relief. Now she can finally get some sleep… She can stop failing at being a mother.

But Liv has a secret.

She is convinced that Sophy was accountable for her brother’s tragic death and she has been searching for her for years.

And now that Liv’s found her, she’s outraged Sophy seems oblivious to the pain she has caused her family.

Sophy’s perfect house, perfect husband and perfect baby are too much for Liv to bear… and she’s going to make her pay.

My Thoughts:

I was not sure how this book was going to work with two authors but they have certainly pulled it out of the bag. It is gripping and full of twists and turns that makes for a brilliant read. Sophy is a first time mum who is struggling with her nine month old. Sophy meets Liv at a mother and baby group where Liv is a nanny to a little girl. Liv is having problems with the little girl’s dad so decides to help Sophy. But does Liv have more than just helping out Sophy up her sleeve? She knows Sophy from when they were young and when something terrible happened, but was it Sophy’s fault and can Liv get her revenge? I liked how the story was written, you are lead to believe it could be one person but is it really? I feel as though people can relate to the issues that are raised in this book too. It makes for a decent read. I can’t wait to see what these authors come up with next.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

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