The Yellow Bird Sings By Jennifer Rosner

The Yellow Bird Sings By Jennifer Rosner

Poland, 1941. A mother. A child. An impossible choice.

After the Jews in their town are rounded up, Róza and her five-year-old daughter, Shira, seek shelter in a local farmer’s barn. They spend their days and nights in silence to avoid being caught.

When their safe haven is shattered, Róza faces an impossible choice: whether to keep her daughter close by her side, or give her the chance to survive by letting her go.

My Thoughts:

I found this a very moving and powerful read. It is set in Poland in 1941 and is about Roza who is a mother to a five year old daughter called Shira. In their town all the Jews have been captured and Roza and Shira have been able to go and hide in a farmers barn. I could never imagine how they must of felt, having to keep deadly silent or they would be at risk of getting caught and then who knows what would of happened to them, there are some near misses though and my heart was in my mouth on those occasions. When Roza has to make a choice for her daughters safety, what will happen to her and will Roza ever find her daughter again? I loved the path the story took, I really felt for Roza and all that she has to go through, it is a gut wrenching and heartbreaking story, one that will stay with me for a long time.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review. Thank you to Siobhan Slattery for sending me a copy.

Get your copy here:

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