The Lake By Louise Sharland

The Lake By Louise Sharland

The truth lies just beneath the surface…

Kate’s world falls apart when her teenage son drowns in the waters by his school. She’s convinced it wasn’t just a tragic accident, but no one will listen.

Then, six years later, Kate unearths Michael’s lost diary and realises she may finally be able uncover what really happened that night.

But as she delves deeper, she begins to realise that she didn’t really know her son – or the people in his life – at all. And that, sometimes, secrets are better left submerged…

My Thoughts:

I found this gritty, tense and couldn’t put it down. I craved it when I wasn’t reading it. Kate’s son is involved in a tragic accident, Kate doesn’t think all is as it seems so goes on a hunt to find out what really happened that night. What she finds out is truly shocking and the story takes you on a path that brings out secrets and she realises that she did not know her son at all. I will be looking out for more of Louise’s books as this one was a brilliant psychological thriller.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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