Mainely Money (A Goff Langdon Mainely Mystery Book 3) By Matt Cost

Mainely Money (A Goff Langdon Mainely Mystery Book 3) By Matt Cost

Money is power. Those who have the money wield the power. Laid back, slacker detective Goff Langdon is confronted by this fact as he investigates the blackmailing of a U.S. senator. What starts as a simple extortion case quickly becomes a race for survival as Langdon faces off against a veiled villain with big money and little morals.

My Thoughts:

It is all coming to an end in the Goff Langdon series, as this is book three in the series, If you haven’t read the other two I would suggest reading them first as you get to know the characters and the back story about them. They are too good not to be missed. This story is just as good as the others if not better, Goff this time is investigating the blackmail of a U.S. senator, will it be an simple case or will Goff get himself into hot water again? We also see how Goff’s life has evolved since the last book. The story was engaging, I already felt as I knew Goff and his friends after reading book one and two. I was sad to finish the story but I look forward to seeing what Matt is writing next.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review. Thank you to Matt for sending me a copy.

Get your copy here:

If you are interested in reading book one called Mainely Power, click on the link down below:

Book two is called Mainely Fear

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