Two Wrongs By Mel McGrath

Two Wrongs By Mel McGrath

One girl jumped.
And then another followed…

In the city of Bristol, young women are dying in mysterious circumstances. The deaths look like suicides – but are they something more sinister?

Honor is terrified that her daughter might be next. But as she looks for clues as to what really happened to the girls, she stumbles upon a link to a dark secret in her own past – one that she’s kept from her daughter.

Now Honor has the chance to avenge her child for the terrible events of years ago. But how far will she go to protect her daughter and right the wrongs done to her family?

My Thoughts:

I found this a dark and chilling read all wrapped up into a very cleverly written thriller. The book is set in Bristol where young women are dying but rather than suicide is something more happening to them? Honor’s daughter lives in Bristol ,will the same thing happen to her? through out the story we also discover more about Honor’s past, will her past finally catch up with her? can she save her daughter’s life? It is a very well executed story that left me thinking about it when I was not reading it. I look forward to Mel’s next book.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review. Thank you to HQ for sending me a copy.

Get your copy here:

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