Falling Into All By Ben R. Teeter

Falling Into All By Ben R. Teeter

A Collection of Deep and Nuanced Musings on the Divine 

Falling into All details the essence of knowing, and the seeking out of truth, inspired by the author’s study of spiritual teachings across cultures and the ages.

Falling into All was written in the morning quiet, meditated on, and is sprung from words always stirring within the heart of the poet, and now ready for the world. The words within are meant to be shared, to encourage others to look inside themselves, and to open a way to understanding beauty and truth, so it may spread to all who seek it.

Do you have a spiritual artist in your heart? 

Are you seeking to be closer to a higher sense of Self? 

Open the pages, awaken your mind, and fall into the waiting divine.

My Thoughts:

At times like this, I feel as though we need to regroup and assess our lives, I find reading poetry not only calms me but also refocuses my mind into more positivity.

The poetry that is written has a feeling of calm and understanding of oneself. One may want to read these poems to oneself but also to help others I would read them to another. A book that I will certainly be going back to time and time again. There is not one poem I do not like. They all affect me in different ways. I also enjoyed reading about the author Ben at the back of this book, his life is very interesting.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

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