All The Twats I Met Along The Way By Carolyn Hobdey

All The Twats I Met Along The Way By Carolyn Hobdey

“All The Twats I Met Along The Way is Carolyn Hobdey’s story that a million and one women are going to resonate with, laugh along with, sigh and cry with. It’s a story of growing up, moving on, falling down and getting back up again. Transformation and acceptance, strength and resilience.”

My Thoughts:

As I started reading this book, I was curious to find out what Twats she was actually talking about, as you get more into the book you realise that there are many Twats she meets along the way. I really felt as though I could relate to this book, it feels refreshing for women to talk about their problems especially when it is regards to their health. I sympathise with all the medical side of things as I have been there before many times. I wasn’t sure if I would get or even like this book, but it really is an eye opener into many different things. I like the fact that she has opened up about good things but also bad things, there is lots going on but it just makes you want to read quicker. This is also the first book in the trilogy so it will be great to see what she gets up to next. This book really stands out to me.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review. Thank you to lovereading for sending me a copy.

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