Rescue Me By Sarra Manning

Rescue Me By Sarra Manning

Margot doesn’t have time for love.

Will is afraid to love.

And neither of them are expecting to fall in love with Blossom: a gentle Staffy with a tragic past, a belly made for rubbing and a head the size of a football.

After their first meeting at the rescue centre, both Margot and Will want to adopt Blossom so reluctantly agree to share custody. But Will’s obsession for micro-managing and clear-cut boundaries and Margot’s need to smother Blossom with affection, means that soon they have a very confused and badly behaved dog on their hands.

Can they put their differences aside to become successful “co-pawrents” and maybe even friends? And meanwhile, does Blossom have plans of her own?

My Thoughts:

I thoroughly enjoyed this uplifting and warm read. Any books that involve animals is right up my street. There happens to be a lovely dog called Blossom who is looking for a new home who has not had the best start in life, this tugged on my heart strings. When Will and Margot both need something to love and chance upon the same dog in the rescue center that they warm to, they both want her and Blossom can’t believe her luck. Will Blossom get what she has always wanted or will “co Pawrenting” be an absolute disaster. A funny and uplifting story that will definitely pull on the old heart strings.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

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