The Book about Getting Older By DR. Lucy Pollock

The Book about Getting Older By DR. Lucy Pollock

Now more than ever, we need to talk about getting older.

Many of us are living to a very great age. But how do we give those we love, and eventually ourselves, long lives that are as happy and healthy as possible?

Dr Lucy’s book gives us answers to the questions we can voice – and those that we can’t.

A long life should be embraced and celebrated, but it’s not all easy. Yet even the most challenging situation can be helped by the right conversation.

How do we start?
How do we ask whether it’s worth taking seven different medicines?
Is it normal to find you’re falling out of love with someone, as they disappear into dementia?
Should Dad be driving, and if not, who can stop him?
What are the secrets of the best care homes?
When does fierce independence become bad behaviour?
How do you navigate near-impossible discussions around resuscitation and intensity of treatments?
And who decides what happens when we become ill?

My Thoughts:

I think this is one of the most important books that you should read if you are halfway through life. All my life adult life I have been in and out of hospital so know how hospitals operate but this really gives you a good insight as to what happens as you get older, I wish Dr Lucy Pollock was my doctor, she seems very caring and compassionate and I have met quite a few doctors in my time and only a handful if that have been as caring as Dr Lucy Pollock. I like the way the book is written, we hear true life stories about older people and explanations that are easy to understand. Each chapter brings a new subject falls, dementia, and questions you or a loved one maybe too afraid to ask. At the end of each chapter are websites to find more information from. The book gives us an explanation of what it means to get older. I found this an insightful and informative book that will help people or family dealing with the issues that are raised in this book.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

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