Book Promotion Directory 2021 Blogs & Promoters By Deena Rae Schoenfeldt

Book Promotion Directory 2021 Blogs & Promoters By Deena Rae Schoenfeldt

The Book Promotion Directory lists blogs and book promotion providers to help Indie Authors promote and market their books. Listing blog addresses, contact information, what types of posts they allow authors to share on their sites, if they review and if so where reviews are posted, standard turnaround time, and book formats accepted. Indexes list bloggers by accepted genre so you can easily find sites amenable to your subject matter. Book Promotion companies show contact information, what genres they are equipped to promote, services offered and pricing range.

With more than 180 blogs and almost 40 book promotion companies, complete with live links to facilitate easy contact, this is a must-have for authors looking for help promoting their new releases and backlist titles. Bonus material of almost 200 other book promotion avenues as a starting point to help authors start building their own promotion blueprint.

My Thoughts:

I think this directory is much better than the last one, even though the last one was good. I feel as though this one is laid out better. It is easy to understand and easier to follow. I think it is a brilliant idea for authors as they can find a blogger and see if they read a specific genre. Over the years I have had many authors contact me quoting this directory and I am forever grateful to be part of it. For the e-copy it also has live links to all the sites so it makes it even more easier for an author. The great news about this directory is it holds over 180 blogs all in alphabetical order and at the back there is the book promotion page, If you are a new author, this will really help to start mapping out what you want to achieve, it is a very handy tool. I think this book helps authors and also blogs to establish themselves.

Get your copy here:

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