The Fragility of Bodies (Veronica Rosenthal 1) By Sergio Olguin

The Fragility of Bodies (Veronica Rosenthal 1) By Sergio Olguin

Veronica Rosenthal is a young Buenos Aires journalist with a healthy appetite for bourbon and married men. When she hears about the suicide of a train driver who confessed to his responsibility for four fatal ‘accidents’ on the train tracks, she decides to investigate.

For Veronica it is the beginning of a journey that takes her into an unfamiliar world of grinding poverty and crime infested neighbourhoods, exposing a side of the city she has never seen. Aided by a train driver with whom she embarks on a dangerous love affair, Veronica discovers a group of criminals and corrupt politicians willing to gamble on the lives of others to satisfy their need for excitement.

My Thoughts:

This is book one in the Veronica Rosenthal series. I have not read a book set in Buenos Aires so that sparked my interest, finding out about the country was a fascinating insight. I liked the fact that the main character is a strong independent woman who doesn’t take no crap from anyone. The plot sounded exciting and I wonder how she was going to solve the mystery. Even though it was a slightly unusual story it worked well, I look forward to reading book two to see what Veronica gets up to.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review. Thank you to Bitter Lemon Press for sending me a copy.

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