I just wanted to say a big thank you to many authors and publishers who have sent me books this year, I am incredibly grateful to just be asked to read and review a book for an author. I have read some amazing books this year from debut authors who I look forward to reading more of in the future. The authors that have taken their time out to email me asking to read and review their books is brilliant, there have been a few which I have had to decline but only because I have been inundated with review requests. But next year I hope authors and publishers still ask me review their books as it shows me that I am doing a good job and I do work hard on my blog and my reviews.

I know this year has been weird and I have had to do more reading on my kindle but I am very grateful for the proof copies I have been sent through my door. I have gone absolutely crazy on netgalley this year and some of the books I have read (which are not out until next year) have been amazing.

I really appreciate the Publishers too that sent me proof copies or ask me to be on a blog tour, they work so hard to sort out all these things and I am truly grateful for their time and for sending me the books. I want to say a big thank you Avon, lovereading, Mills and Boon, Bitter Lemon Press, Simon and Schuster, Harper Collins, HQ for sending me incredible reads.

I have been lucky this year to have had my review quote published in three books and I already know I will be in one next year which is so exciting. I never thought I would have my review quoted in a book and over the years I am in nine books. This is one of my biggest achivements.

For next year I just want to grow my little blog more and be quoted in more books. To receive more proof copies also and to do lots more giveaways.

My blog has some exciting things coming for next year, so be sure to stick around.

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