Top Ideas for Christmas Book related gifts.

Top Ideas for Christmas Book related gifts.

In our family we have a few book worms, as much as they love books, it is always nice to get them another book related gift I think. Here I have chosen my favourite book related gifts, hopefully there will be a something for everyone. Clicking on the picture, will take you to the page.

The first gift I have chosen is:

  1. There are lots of different places you can buy these socks, but I think they are reasonably priced and a fun little stocking filler. My favourite ones are these with the shhh I am reading on the bottom of them.

2. Ipad/Kindle/book cushion. I personally haven’t used one of these but think it is a great gift idea whether you want to watch a film with someone or some one has problems with their hands and can’t hold a book or device for too long, this one comes in all different colours and has a small pocket on the side for cables etc. It is a good size and will fold down to make carrying easy. I have actually bought one for my gran for Christmas as she has trouble holding things for too long as she has arthritis. So I think this would be perfect for her. There are many different ones out on the market, so maybe shop around and see what you like best.

3. On a cold Winter’s night, there is nothing better than getting out your book to read and snuggling up on the sofa under a soft blanket, Personally my favourite this year is definetely these ones from Marks and Spencers, the quality is superb. They are so soft and wash really well. A good price too.They come in three different colours and all look good quality.

This one is from amazon and it is slightly cheaper but still looks good quality.

4. I mean who doesn’t like a warm drink when reading, how about getting a book related mug for your favourite bookworm. This is one of my favourite mugs, this is exactly what every book worm says if you ask them if they really need all the books they have. They really do make the perfect gift. And there are many differet ones out there.

5. This is a great idea for a book lover, a book journal, they can keep track of what books they have read, books they have loaned out, what they thought of the book, rating for the book and a whole heap of other things too. I really like this idea as you can look back at it over the years and it is a good keepsake. Fits very nicely in a handbag too.

6. Tote Bags- there are many tote bags out there, this is a great stocking filler,I personally love a tote bag, they are so handy to have, I have one on my handbag that I use if I am out and about, they are hardwearing and durable, and they are just a bit more fun than just a carrier bag, they are not flimsy at all. There are lots of different designs too.

7. bookmarks, these are always handy to have incase the current one gets lost, I have quite a few from over the years that people have given me and I find they are quite personal. So many too choose from, my favourite has to be these. These are great for kids and adults, they are well designed, have a range of different animals to choose from and look really funny. They are also 3d, which makes them more unique.

8. reading lights are always a great gift, there are a range of different styles to suit everyone. I like the ones that clip on to your book, you can position the light so it doesn’t disturb anyone else but it still gives you a decent glow. This one has nine different modes to get the right setting for your needs. It is small and fits very well into a bag, it is lightweight too, should you need to take it anywhere.

9. Book lamp- We actually bought one of these for my sister in law who loves it. These are unique but look really nice and are perfect for any book lover. This one has twelve different controls and the battery lasts for more than eight hours. This one is colour changing too.

10.This is such a fun idea of a 100 Books scratch off poster, how it works is the books are all listed under the scratch panel and once it has been read, you scratch it off, you can hang it on the wall or put it in a frame, I feel as though this is just something a little different and may get people to read more books that they necessarily wouldn’t pick themselves.

So, these are just some of my favourite gift ideas, there are plenty more book related gifts out there but I hope this has given you some ideas for presents.

Good Luck x

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