What is your favourite drink when your reading?

What is your favourite drink when your reading?

I have to say I definitely like a warm drink when I am reading. I have been drinking recently a herbal tea with nettle and pear in it which is lovely but it is very hard to find in the UK. The other day a company called Leafy Bean Co sent me some samples of their tea to try, so I thought I would review them and see what they are like.

Leafy Bean Company - Leafy Bean Company

what was included in the bundle:

15 Berry Nice Indeed herbal infusion blend

15 Tea’s the season Christmas blend flavoured black tea with cinnamon

1 Duke of Earl Grey Black tea blend

1 Green Tea

1 Cheeky Cheery Cherry

1 Leafy Bean Tote Bag

Review for Berry Nice Indeed Herbal infusion blend

I have to say I love the packaging of these, the monkey is really cute and it feels and looks expensive. When I opened up the packaging, the smell is lovely, it reminds me when you open the packaging of a fruity jelly, it made my mouth water. The monkey on all of the packaging is vibrant and bold and stands out against the darker background.

The tea bag itself looks top quality too, and looking inside the bag there is a fair quantity of ingredients. I actually didn’t look at the ingredients before I tasted this one and I could name at least four of the 8 ingredients. The teabag itself is a thing of beauty. I like how it has a string too, it makes it feel of higher quality. So you take one tea and using boiling water, you let it brew for 3- 5 minutes, the colour on this one is a absolutely beautiful purple colour. It tastes really good, you can taste all the different flavours and they all work really well together. I feel as though this tea would be good on a cold winters day or also if you are feeling slightly under the weather, it would give you a little perk up.. I actually like to reuse a herbal tea bag so trying it with this, the colour is slightly less but the flavour is still there. I would give this one 5/5

The Tea’s the season Christmas Blend

It smells like Christmas and mulled wine all rolled in together. I am not a huge fan of Cinammon so was not overly keen on this one, it smells quite strong but the flavour is less subtle when drinking. It has a lovely amber colour to it, I can just imagine drinking it reading a festive read or around the fireplace. You can definitely taste some of the flavours that are in the ingredients like cinammon, clove and Vanilla. If it didn’t have the cinammon in it I would like it more but without it I just don’t think it would work. 4/5

Cheeky cheery cherry

For me this one was a little overpowering, it tasted very florally. I kind of expected it to have a redish colour to it because it is called Cheeky Cheery Cherry , but it was more golden yellow, still a nice colour, but for me it wasn’t too my taste, but I can see it being refreshing in the Summer time.

Duke of Earl Grey Black Tea Blend

I liked this one, it had a lovely amber colour and well rounded. A simple black tea but you can taste the bergamot and I feel as though it it is slightly different to normal early grey tea as it had a slight zing to it which complements it well.

The tote bag that came with the bundle is really good quality too, it is not too big or too small and will fit perfectly folded up in a handbag.

Overall I am impressed with these tea’s and I would certainly buy them myself, they have quite a few different ones that I would certainly want to try. The brand is on point and the packaging is top quality. The tea bags themselves look special and the tea itself has lovely flavours.

On the website it tells you about the Laura the founder and her story, It is quite a simple website but one that is easy to navigate round. You can decide whether to buy loose tea ( which personally I have never tried before) and teabags. There is something for everyone and also some really cool merchandise that I will definitely have to put on my Christmas list. They also sell gift cards which is a nice idea for Christmas and they also have fun stuff for the kids too.

Thank you for sending me the tea to review Laura, I really enjoyed doing these reviews and will be purchasing from you in the future.

If you want to check out what else Leafy Bean has to offer, check out the website below:


6 thoughts on “What is your favourite drink when your reading?

  1. I do enjoy a nice cup of tea when reading, but I also enjoy coffee. I do appreciate real (filter) cofee, however not liking to faff around with filters etc, I reserve my drinking of real coffee for restaurants, friends houses etc. I do sometimes have a glass of wine or beer whilst reading, but I reserve my consumption of alcohol for evenings! I shall certainly check out the Leafy Bean website. Kevin

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