Six Idiots Witness A Murder By Rob Hickman

Six Idiots Witness A Murder By Rob Hickman

Six Idiots Witness a Murder is a character-driven, comedy murder mystery set across two countries. The story follows a group of people who work for a traditional British clothing company based in Brighton that has decided to expand into the USA. A few months after setting up their new office in Atlanta, the company is hit by an embarrassing computer problem and is forced to send a team over to the USA to investigate.

Once in the Georgia heat, our heroes (if you can call them that) meet a colourful cast of locals, find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time and witness a murder that has the local police both baffled and disinterested in equal measure – but mainly disinterested. Can they fix the computer issues, solve the murder and escape with their lives when all they want to do is have a good time and annoy everyone they come into contact with? ***Six Idiots Witness a Murder is part murder mystery, part absurd comedy and part travelogue – all wrapped in a story of transatlantic connections and new friendships. Just don’t be late to the Phobia Workshop if Vinny is attending that week.

My Thoughts:

If you need a laugh then this is the book for you, I am definitely glad I read this book as it is just what I needed. I found myself agreeing to quite a lot of things in this book especially about old people going out at the weekend, I am always saying why are they out now when they have all week to go out. I laughed a lot and it really cheered me up. I liked the story, the characters and it moves at a quick pace. This is book one, I can’t wait till book two.

I received a ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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