The Country Village Christmas Show By Cathy Lake

The Country Village Christmas Show By Cathy Lake

Recently divorced, the family home sold and her son all grown-up, Clare is at a crossroads. She’s dedicated her whole adult life to her family, and now it’s time she did something for herself.

In the lead up to Christmas, Clare decides that a bit of time in the countryside might be just what she needs, so she moves back to Little Bramble, the village she grew up in. But living with her mum for the first time in years – and not to mention Goliath the Great Dane – can be challenging.

When Clare finds herself running the village Christmas show, it feels like she has purpose in her life again. Bringing together people from all sides of the community, and all walks of life, will Clare manage to pull off a festive feat like no other? And will she find the new start in life – and possibly love – that she’s been looking for?

My Thoughts:

I loved everything about this book, you can imagine being curled up reading this under a blanket when it is frosty and bitterly cold outside, It is the perfect remedy to warm you up. I really liked Claire, after her marriage has ended she has no where else to go other than her mums house, she might not have the best relationship with her mum but she is going to make it work. It really showed me how amazing a small community in a village can be? all pulling together and her close friend reminded me of my best friend, how we will do anything for each other. I liked the bond Claire and Sam have and wished for them both to be happy together. I was a tiny bit jealous of Claire being able to get a job at the Old Oak Stables, as that is like one of my dream jobs. But I was excited for her and loved everything about that part of the story. I found it an amusing, beautiful story, one that I didn’t want to end and one that I would re-read over and over again.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review. Thank you Netgalley for sending me a copy.

Get your copy here:

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