House of Correction By Nicci French

House of Correction By Nicci French

She’s a murderer.
Everyone knows she killed Stuart Rees – why else would his dead body be found in her shed?
So now Tabitha is in prison, awaiting trial.
Coming back to the remote coastal village where she grew up was a mistake. She didn’t fit in then, and she doesn’t fit in now.
That day is such a blur, she can’t remember clearly what happened. There is something she is missing, something important… She only knows one thing. She is not capable of murder.
And the only one she can trust to help her out of this situation is herself.
So she must fight. Against the odds.

My Thoughts:

I thought this was a good read, not having read any of Nicci French books before, I was intrigued to give this one a read. I liked the storyline, how Tabitha is in prison awaiting trial for a murder. She can’t remember what happened so asks for CCTV and all the files so that she can represent herself. It was interesting learning about the prison and the courtroom. The prison side did get a little boring but once she was in the courtroom it got more interesting. I found Tabitha a prickly character too. I would read more of Nicci French books.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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