The Iron Book of Tree Poetry

The Iron Book of Tree Poetry

The IRON Book of Tree Poetry contains more than 50 contemporary poems inspired by trees, selected from more than 500 submitted. Contributors include such well-known writers as Jacob Polley, Linda France, Robin Moss, Kitty Fitzgerald, S.J. Litherland, Peter Bennet and Debjani Chatterjee plus many new voices. The settings include forests, woods, city centres, rubbish tips  and theres even one poem set underwater. As well as celebrating the trees, the imaginative response of the authors emphasises  what a vital role they are now seen to play in the future of our fragile planet. The book is edited by Eileen Jones and Peter Mortimer with a foreword by Max Adams.

My Thoughts:

A thought provoking book that makes you take a moment, reflect inwards upon yourself and makes you appreciate the world around you in more ways than one. I really liked some of the poems in this book especially After the show By Bridget Gallagher, I like this poem because it is a short poem but it tells us it like it is, Autumn has finished and Winter is coming. Another poem I liked is called Love Conkers By Ellen Phethean because it reminds me of my childhood and going to the park to find Conkers and then playing Conkers with them trying to hit the other person’s conker, it was so much fun and lovely to reminisce. I also really liked Changes in Climate By Dominic Weston as it is shaped like a tree and I found it a very clever way to show a poem. At the back of the book it also tells you a little about the authors which I found useful. For a book that proudly claims that “if anything can save humankind from itself it is trees” it is disappointing that it is not printed recycled paper. If trees are to truly save humankind then humankind must first save the trees.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest revjew.

Get your copy here:


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