The Temple House Vanishing By Rachel Donohue

The Temple House Vanishing By Rachel Donohue

Power. Jealousy. Desire.

Twenty-five years ago, a sixteen-year-old schoolgirl and her charismatic teacher disappeared without trace…

When Louisa arrives at Temple House, an elite catholic boarding school, she quickly finds herself drawn to sophisticated fellow pupil Victoria and their young bohemian art teacher, Mr Lavelle. The three of them form a bond that seems to offer an escape from the repressive regime of the nuns who run the cloistered school. Until Louisa and Mr Lavelle suddenly vanish.

Years later, a journalist with a childhood connection to Louisa determines to resolve the mystery. Her search for the truth will uncover a tragic, mercurial tale of suppressed desire and long-buried secrets. It will shatter lives and lay a lost soul to rest.

My Thoughts:

The picture doesn’t do the cover any justice, in real life it is absolutely beautiful with a gold foil effect. Really brings the book to life. A teenage girl goes missing with her teacher, as we get more into the story we find that not everything is as it seems, did they run away together or did something else happen? I felt as though it was quite a long drawn out story but I wanted to see what had really happened to Louisa and Mr Lavelle. The ending was good and it left me wondering did the reporter report it or not?

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

kindle edition

paperback – out Sept 3rd 2020

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