The Darkest Winter Ever By C.J.Clarke

The Darkest Winter Ever By C.J.Clarke

When all hope is gone…

James Davis is a man on the brink of destruction. After his sixteen-year-old daughter is taken and sold into a life of slavery and human trafficking he has to call on all of skills as a private investigator to find her. After weeks of fruitless searching, he’s finally getting close, but instead of finding his daughter, he rescues someone he never expected.

…when despair threatens all…

Valerie Abbot, a woman who had been trapped and abused for a decade, sold over and over as a sex slave and degraded in the worst way, and still somehow never gave up, never gave in to despair. That fighting spirit is what leads her to follow her unlikely rescuer as she meets James, a broken father looking for his lost daughter.

…can love still conquer?

Together they go on a journey to find his daughter, but end up finding more than they ever expected in each other. But doubt, guilt, and despair threaten everything they might have together, unless they find the strength to forgive, and love again.

My Thoughts:

This story starts off with James, his sixteen year old daughter is taken and is being used in the slave and human trafficking industry. James calls on a private investigator to help find his daughter before it is too late, he gets close and then things happen that puts him a step back. Instead of finding his daughter he finds Valerie who has been in a similar situation to his daughter, the story then unfolds and they go in search of his daughter together but find out more than they thought they would ever know. This story is engaging, emotional, and compelling and deals with real issues. I needed to find out if he was ever going to get his daughter back.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

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