Switchback: A Mountain Ranch Novel By Willa J. Brand

Switchback: A Mountain Ranch Novel By Willa J. Brand

As an only child of a bold Colorado rancher, Laney McRae has grown up confident in herself and fiercely self-reliant. Romance hasn’t entered her world since the disastrous end to her high school love affair, and she has all but given up on men. When a new sheriff arrives in town he instantly ignites a flame she’s never before encountered, but the new relationship may not survive the demands of her forward personality. When strange events begin to unfold on the ranch, it quickly becomes clear that she is being targeted by someone with a deadly intent, and she struggles to assert her independence amid the turmoil. As events escalate, she will be left fighting not only for the love she deserves, but also for her own life.

My Thoughts:

I was so happy to be asked to read and review the second book in the mountain ranch series, I loved the first book which is called Refuge and this one was just as brilliant. I looked forward to the next instalment. I liked Laney and felt as though she was a strong and confident woman, she has not had the best relationships or guys in the past so when a new hunky guy turns up in her town she can’t wait to introduce herself. I did worry what would become of their relationship as Laney is so confident and forward. But then things start to happen and I was worried for Laney, the ending was dramatic and I really want to read the next book as I just love all these characters.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Kindle edition

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