Kate and Clara’s Curious Cornish Craft Shop By Ali McNamara

Kate and Clara’s Curious Cornish Craft Shop By Ali McNamara

Kate thinks all her wishes have come true when she opens her little craft shop down on the harbour in the pretty Cornish seaside town of St Felix.

It’s been her life-long dream to open her own shop, and now she’s finally got the chance, she’s loving selling her own quirky handmade textile designs to the many holidaymakers that flock into St Felix every year.

But there’s a mystery about Kate’s shop – one that Jack, the owner of a new art store in town, wants to help Kate solve. A series of mysterious paintings and beautiful embroidered pictures hint at a love story over sixty years old, but Kate needs to know how the story ends!

As Kate and Jack delve deeper into the vintage romance, they find that not only do their own lives share uncanny similarities with their 1950s counterparts, but also the two of them are becoming closer.

But as the two couples’ stories unfold over six decades apart, can Kate and Jack put right a wrong that’s remained a secret since the 1950s, and will both couples end up with the happy ending they truly deserve?

My Thoughts:

I loved returning to the beautiful Cornish town of St Felix, in this story we meet Kate who runs a craft shop, when a newcomer by the name of Jack decides to open a arts shop down the road, they both find mysterious things happening in their shops. After piecing together what happened back in the past they find some uncanny similarities and end up getting close to each other at the same time. It’s a lovely story, especially to see how Kate and Jacks relationship grow and the ending simply made me want to read more about their lives. It was nice to go back to this little town, I hope we can revisit it in time.

I received a ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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