What Made Me Get Into Book Blogging And A Little About Me.

What Made Me Get Into Book Blogging And A Little About Me.

So I started book blogging about 6 years ago and have never looked back. I have always read ever since I was a child, I loved going to to library and choosing my books and then going home to my quiet room and getting myself lost in the adventures of what ever book I was reading at the time. I always remembered growing up I liked series which including the famous five and Animal Ark books by Lucy Daniels, I was a huge animal lover and still am now. Last year I actually re read the Animal Ark books and enjoyed them immensely. Over the years I have struggled with my health and book blogging was a way for me to do something I love but also have a bit of a purpose. I don’t get paid for it but who does? I feel as though the very kind author or publisher that has gone out of their way to send me the book is more than enough and I am very grateful for all the books and e copies I get sent. I feel as though that is my payment.

I started out with a basic blog here on wordpress and met a fellow book blogger who actually sent me my first book to review which was a book I would of never picked up before. It was one of Louise Candlish’s books and I have to say now she is one of my favourite authors. My sister in Law also used to have a book blog and she recommends books to me all the time and loves reading just as much as I do. I love writing my reviews as it gives the books a visibility and gives the author a greater chance of being seen by more readers. Writing a review can be hard as you have to be critical but then you don’t want to be nasty. If I don’t like a book doesn’t mean someone will not like it too, all reviews are my own. I choose books I want to read and don’t ever choose the ones I know I won’t like. I haven’t had too many books thankfully that I haven’t been able to finish.

Over the last six years I have built my website up, there are always things to be done with it but I like the way it looks at the moment and people have messaged me saying they love it. My husband actually was the one who thought of the name echoesinanemptyroom and I absolutely love it, I love a quiet space to read and this just fitted perfectly. So thumbs up to my husband. I read and review books for different authors and publishers some being Avon, Harper Collins, Bonnier Zaffre and Lovereading. My biggest achievements are I am a Lovereading Ambassador and I have had my review quotes in seven books ( so look out for me if you ever purchase a book) I am extremely proud of that.

With lockdown at the moment, quite a few publishers are not sending books out which I completely understand, so I have resorted to using my kindle, bearing in mind I wasn’t keen to use the kindle I actually really don’t mind using it now. I have set myself up on netgalley and I have to say some of the books on there have been absolutely brilliant.

I love it when an author or publisher emails me to ask me if I would love to read and review a certain books, it makes book blogging all the more worthwhile and it makes me feel as though I am doing a good job. Getting different types of genres has been an eye opener for me too as I would never of picked up say like a psychological thriller in the past and now I cannot get enough of them, so it is definitely worth going out of your comfort zone and choosing a genre you have never read before, you may not like it but you might as well give it a try.

I just want to say that I am most grateful to the wonderful authors and publishers that send me books and even though my health still is not great, book blogging gives me a purpose and a sense of achievement.

Hope you enjoyed getting to me a little bit and Thanks for reading and if you want to leave a comment please feel free to.

Hannah x

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