A Perfect Cornish Escape By Phillipa Ashley (Book 3)

A Perfect Cornish Escape By Phillipa Ashley (Book 3)

Seven years ago, Marina Hudson’s husband was lost at sea. She vowed to love him forever – but when kind-hearted Lachlan arrives in Porthmellow, should she deny herself another chance at happiness?

Tiff Trescott was living life to the full as a journalist in London – until her boyfriend’s betrayal brought it all crashing down. Fleeing to her cousin Marina’s cottage, Tiff feels like a fish out of water. And when brooding local Dirk wins a day with her in a charity auction, she’s thrown headfirst into Cornish life.

This summer promises new beginnings for both Tiff and Marina. But are they too good to be true?

My Thoughts:

I loved returning to Porthmellow. It sounds such a lovely place to live, all the residents seem very welcoming too. I love the description of the place you can almost feel as though you are there. Reading about the lookout tower and the wave watchers was interesting as I always wondered what they did in the huts. A nice story with a interesting second half of the story.

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