Why Should You Read A Debut Novel?

Why Should You Read A Debut Novel?

You might think why should I bother reading a debut novel, Well I want to change your mind and get more people reading these cracking reads.

First off, What is a Debut Novel?

This is the author’s first ever book that has been allowed to be published.

It might be really awful?

Well authors have to make their first novel as brilliant as can be as it can affect whether the author will be able to publish books in the future.

How many books do authors have to publish in a year?

The author has to publish at least 3 books per year, if they maintain this with the same quality then that is really good.

Why I read debut novels?

I like to give the author’s a chance to wow me. I have only had a small percentage of debut novels to review that weren’t that great, but don’t be put off as there are many that are absolutely brilliant and you wouldn’t expect them to be debut novels. If a book is really good I am more likely to keep an eye out for their next books.

Here are some of my favourite debut novels that are coming out or are already out:

The Silent House By Nell Pattison- out now

Secrets of a Serial Killer By Rosie Walker – out 17th July 2020


The Magnolia The Bloomed Unseen By Ray Smith – Out now

The Lonely Fajita By Abigail Mann – Out now on kindle

I hope you like a few of my choices, I have really enjoyed all of these books and will certainly be looking for them in the future.

I personally would give a debut author a chance and read a debut novel, you never know you may find your next favourite author.

Hope you enjoyed reading this.

Happy reading.

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