The Broccolis By J. C. Allen

The Broccolis By J. C. Allen

Meet the Broccolis – your vegetable super hero family.

This is their first adventure together!

Next time,you will be able to continue the adventure at Barney ‘s Birthday. Keep an eye out for book two where their story continues.

My Thoughts:

I thought my readers would like a bit of light hearted entertainment from me. Yes this is a child’s book and no I don’t have any children and yes I decided to make my own family member of the Broccolis.

I liked the sound of this story and I love broccoli so decided to read this children’s book. I liked the bright coloured pictures and the style of font used both really seemed to bring the story to life. I’m not sure exactly what age this book is aimed at but I would say over fives would enjoy. But not being a parent i would not know. The ending shocked me.


I received an ARC copy for an honest review.

Get your copy here:


Kindle edition




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