Pretty Guilty Women By Gina Lamanna

Pretty Guilty Women By Gina Lamanna

Why would four women confess to the same murder?

At the luxurious Serenity Spa Resort on the Californian coast, guests arrive ready to celebrate what is set to be the wedding of the year. But things are about to go horribly wrong . . .

Among them are four brilliant but desperate women – Ginger, Lulu, Emily and Kate – all harbouring a secret they’d do anything to protect.

Just twenty-four hours later, a man is found dead at the hotel. In the ensuing investigation, each of these women confess to the crime, insisting they acted alone.

The police know they’re lying, but why?

Only these four women know the answer.

And they’re not telling . . .

My Thoughts:

One word for this book amazing. The story is about four very different women, some of them know each other and some of them don’t know anyone. Throughout the story we hear each of the women’s stories, they are all brought together for a wedding. I like how when the police are interviewing them, the style of font changes. I liked how they all confess but you don’t actually know what happened till the end. It kept me guessing. I like the uniqueness of the storyline, four women, a murder and a lie. Should it be? And as women we should all stick together.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

Kindle edition


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