Shattered Hearts (Silver Lake series book 4) By Coral McCallum

Shattered Hearts (Silver Lake series book 4) By Coral McCallum

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Five years older. Five years wiser. Five years down the road, we reconnect with Jake and Lori.Over the years since Bonded Souls, the Silver Lake family has grown and the band have seen their career go from strength to strength.

Fresh off the road after a gruelling tour, Jake has high hopes of enjoying a relaxing summer at home with his family.An unexpected tragedy and an act of betrayal shatters all hopes of that and throws their plans into disarray.

The combination of both results in Shattered Hearts for Jake and Lori and the Silver Lake family. Can they recover from this?

My Thoughts:

I have loved this series and all the characters within the book. In this story we catch up with Lori and Jake ( you need to read the first three books to get a sense of all the characters), their life seems to be going well until tragedy strikes, will they survive it? Another excellent read from a brilliant author.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

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