My Not So Functional Family By Bridie Jabour

My Not So Functional Family By Bridie Jabour



Claudia is getting married in a week. Well, she’s supposed to be.

Arriving back at her childhood home, Claudia is faced with spending the week with her her arguing siblings, dramatic mother, and nuisance aunt. Desperately awaiting the arrival of her best friend Nora for moral support, Claudia starts to question her relationship.

What if her ex-boyfriend was actually The One? And is downloading Tinder just before your wedding really that bad?

Claudia hopes Nora will help her face her insecurities, but she’s hiding secrets of her own. With the big day drawing near, and her family close to falling out, Claudia must decide what she really wants, or doesn’t want . . .

My Thoughts:

I was looking forward to starting this book as I was expecting lots of laughs and amusement but it didn’t really live up to my expectations. There are a few chuckles and a well written story but it just didn’t hold my attention as though I thought it would.

Get your copy here:

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