The rise and fall of Becky Sharpe By Sarra Manning

The rise and fall of Becky Sharpe By Sarra Manning

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Becky Sharp has big dreams and no connections. Determined to swap the gutters of Soho for the glamorous, exclusive world behind the velvet rope, Becky will do anything to achieve fame, riches and status.

Whether it’s seducing society’s most eligible bachelors, or befriending silly debutantes and rich old ladies, Becky Sharp is destined for great things. Because it might be tough at the top but it’s worse at the bottom.

From London to Paris and beyond, Becky Sharp is going places – so get the hell out of her way…

My Thoughts:

What we find here is a very clever way of updating a classic novel which is really rather funny. It is an easy to read story with a reality show, scandal, revenge and lies all packed in. I haven’t actually read the classic but I will be now after reading this book has inspired me too.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

kindle edition


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