A Match Made in Devon By Cathy Bramley

A Match Made in Devon By Cathy Bramley

Sometimes you have to play a part to realise who you really are… 

Nina has always dreamed of being a star. Unfortunately her agent thinks she’s more girl-next-door than leading lady and her acting career isn’t going quite as planned. Then, after a series of very public blunders and to escape a gathering storm of paparazzi, Nina is forced to flee from London.

Her plan is to lay low with a friend in Devon, in beautiful Brightside Cove. But soon Nina learns that more drama can be found in a small village than on a hectic television set.

And when a gorgeous man (and his adorable dog) catch her eye, it’s not long before London and showbiz start to lose their appeal. Will Nina choose to return to the bright lights or has she met her match in Brightside Cove?

My Thoughts:

Cathy’s books just get better and better and I am always excited when the next one comes out. This story evolves around Nina who needs to get away for a bit because of some issues regarding her work as an actress. I love the way the story unfolds and I found it such a delightful read. Pure escapism.

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